SDCSL League Rules and Procedures


The League will post a schedule on the league website several weeks in advance. We anticipate scheduling games for approximately 10-12 weeks in advance.

All team managers should check the league web page on Wednesday to confirm your team's game time and location. Changes may occur and if we cannot contact you the changes will be on the web page by the Wednesday preceding the match. Changes to the schedule may occur due to poor weather or field availability. Always show up for your game if in doubt. We do our best to post any field closures or changes as soon as we learn of them from the Parks and Rec or Field contacts.

Game Day Procedures

Each team is responsible for printing out a game sheet to turn in to the referee prior to each game. Teams must use the SDCSL Official Game Report Form.

Every player must have a Cal South Player Card. No card – No Play. It is the responsibility of every player to have with them another form of ID (i.e. CA Drivers License or CA ID Card, Military ID Card, Passport). Referees or League Officials may request a spot check at any time during an official SDCSL game. If a player cannot provide another ID to match with their player card, the referee will not allow them to play. If you are caught cheating by using another players card or a forged player card, you will face a suspension and fine to be determined by the Trial Board.

All players must sign the game report for each game. Any player that is not present for the game, must be lined through. Only 22 players are eligible to play in any one game. If a team uses more than 22 players it will be subject to a forfeit and a fine to be determined by the Trial Board. Teams also face possible point deductions from the standings.

All teams must be prepared to be checked in by the Referee a minimum of 15 minutes prior to kick-off game time. If you are the first team playing at a field, you must show up 30 minutes prior to kick off time to have the goals and nets setup prior to the 15 minute check in period. Teams that are reported as not ready 15 minutes prior to kick off with goals and nets up will receive a warning upon the first offense. On a second offense, teams will be fined $25. Upon the 4th, 6th, 8th offense the fine amount will double.

The League grace period is 15 minutes if there are not 7 players present. If 7 players are present, the grace period is over and teams are required to check in, pay the referee and be ready to play. If after 2 minutes of having 7 players, a team refuses to pay the referees and take the field, the game will be considered a forfeit. Teams that forfeit a game will be required to pay both teams referee fees and pay a $100 fine. If a team forfeits prior to Wednesday and the referee assignor can be notified the forfeiting team will be responsible for the field use fee only.

All home teams are responsible for producing alternate jerseys if there is a conflict between teams. Home teams must provide at least one match ball. It is recommended however, that both teams have a quality match ball at each game.


Unlimited Substitutions for all divisions per FIFA Laws of the Game.

End of Day procedures

If you are the last scheduled game on any SDCSL field, please be sure to know the procedures for field breakdown. Each field is different. Instructions for end of day are documented on the applicable field link on the league website. Some fields require goals to be put away and nets taken to a specific location. Some fields need only removal of nets and goals moved to another location. Failure to follow procedures will be a warning on the first offense. Second offense will be a $25 fine. Upon the 4th, 6th, 8th offences, the fines will double.

Score Reporting

Both teams must input scores into the league system by 9 pm on Sunday. If you are playing a 4:30 pm or 6:30 pm game at Jr. Seau or any other lit field, input your score as soon as possible.

Additional Field Rules

All teams must clean up after their own mess. No glass is allowed at any field. Absolutely no alcohol is permitted at any school field. Violators of this rule will be fined $100.00.


A forfeited game for whatever reason in League Play shall be a 1-0 win with three points awarded to the winning team. In Tournament games where there is group play (i.e., Kennedy Cup and Columbus Cup) a forfeited game shall be a 3-0 win with three points awarded to the winning team.

Masters Division

Master Division players must be 30 years old by the end of the Seasonal League year which is June 30. If a player is 30 years old and playing on an open division team, he may play on an affiliated club team in the Masters division if he meets the age requirements.

Legends 40 Division

Legends Division players must be 40 years old by the end of the Seasonal League year which is June 30. If a player is 40 years old and playing on an open division team, he may play on an affiliated club team in the Legends 40 division if he meets the age requirements. Legends Division 40 teams are allowed to roster players 38 years or older. Legends 40 teams are allowed to have two 38 or older players on any given game day game sheet. Legends Division 40 teams are allowed to have a goalkeeper 35 years or older.

Legends 48 Division

Legends 48 Division players must be 48 years old by the end of the Seasonal League year which is June 30. Legends 48 players may play on an affiliated Legends 40 Division team.

Any player registering on a Masters, Legends 40 or Legends 48 team must provide a copy of his drivers license to the League for age verification purposes.

Multi Roster Players

Teams are allowed to multi-roster a player on multiple teams and the teams do not need to be affiliated. The League must be contacted to process this transaction. In addition, the league will not take special schedule requests to accommodate this sitatution. In addition, the league reserves the right to not allow a player to be multi-rostered if it is determined to not be fair to any or all of the teams in a particular division. Each situation is assessed prior to completing the transaction.

Playing up and playing down on affiliated club teams

Any player may play up or down a maximum of 3 times per season. Two players maximum can be borrowed for any one game. Borrowed players must be documented in the borrowed players section of the game report and must present their player card.

Players are allowed to play 2 divisions down. There is no limit to number of divisions you can play up.

Teams must notify the league via email or in writing if they are affiliating with a team/teams prior to the registration process. All affiliated teams must have a common name.

Tiebreakers for end of season standings in all divisions

1st tiebreaker: head to head

(If more than two teams tied, then go to 2nd tiebreaker until one team is eliminated. Once a team is eliminated go back to 1st tiebreaker to determine winner between 2 remaining teams).

2nd tiebreaker: goal differential

3rd tiebreaker: goals scored

4th tiebreaker: most shutouts

5th tiebreaker: least no. of red cards

6th tiebreaker: aggregate score of head to head